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Day of Service 2020

Acts of service and gratitude from across the Columbine community ...

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Acts of Service and Gratitude

Find letters, acts of kindness, gestures of gratitude, and more from --and in solidarity with--the Columbine Community

on April 20th, 2020 below:











Outreach to First Responders and Hospital Staff

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Outreach to First Responders and Hospital Staff

Meals for RTs

We donated a meal to the RTs at Denver Health as a thank you for all of their hard work during this stressful time. I created a go fund me to feed respiratory therapists around CO and it’s received over 3K dollars in donations -- we’ve successfully fed over 300 RTs and more to come!

Blood Donations

Donating blood. It’s important to me to donate blood in order to save lives in any way possible.

I'm planning on donating blood on April 20, to CSL Plasma here in Fort Collins so it can be given to patients who need it. Blood donations have significantly dropped with the coronavirus, but the need for them did not.

Masks, Masks, & more Masks...

from a Rebel in Illinois:  "Making masks for those in my community who can’t afford them. Columbine is my home." 

Sewing masks to give back to healthcare workers that have been working extremely hard.

I’m sewing masks for my stepdad’s office and just for the general public who need them or knows someone who could use a mask! (Littleton)

Letters of Gratitude

I will be writing letters of gratitude and thankfulness to the nurses and doctors working to save lives during this pandemic.

I am going to write notes of gratitude to health care workers. My family is also planning to do something special for those in nursing homes to lift spirits and let them know that they are in our thoughts.

Columbine Poms will be making Brighten Up notes/artwork for the staff at St. Joseph's Hospital to brighten up their long shifts.  JV Poms team wrote words of encouragement to the essential workers at a hospital in Longmont (we want to spread our Rebel love up North as well)


Outreach to Grocery Store and Other Essential Workers

Grocery Workers

Columbine American Sign Language club wrote Thank You notes to the employees of our local Trader Joes store.

Postal Workers

I will write a note to my local postman and put a treat with it in my mailbox. I want him to know how very much his work is appreciated in this risk of health time. He is always smiling and friendly. Adds some joy to my day when I see him.

Essential Workers

I will be writing letters to our people on the front line and thanking them for their work and all they are doing. I think sometimes people don’t give back enough especially in hard times and aren’t thankful. 


Making thank you notes to the two running restaurants in our small town for staying open to feed us essential employees! (Minnesota)

Placing a sign in our front yard to thank all the people who are keeping this country going through these hard times.

Teachers & School Workers

I am asking my peers to send me a video of them giving a positive message to a teacher of their choice. I will then combine the videos and send them to teachers! One specific teacher inspired this because she lives alone and reaches out to us to just talk in the mornings before access.

My daughters read "Mean Jean the Recess Queen", and we sent it to teacher friends. Columbine was fantastic to our family after the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. We wanted to pay it forward.

I will be volunteering at Escuela de Guadalupe, a non profit and private catholic school, to help clean up, and aid the teachers as it is understaffed. (Denver)

I am asking my peers to send me a video of them giving a positive message to a teacher of their choice. I will then combine the videos and send them to teachers!

I am going to record myself reading a couple of books and send it to a couple of elementary school teachers to show their kids. (Littleton)

We are working on a project to thank the wonderful staff at Montrose County School District that is preparing and serving meals to our children during the school closure. Our hope is to give each of them a gift certificate to a local business here in town. The food services staff members rarely get shown gratitude for the work that they do even when school is in session. Now they are going above and beyond and putting themselves at risk to help the kids in this community have breakfast and lunch. We've even seen them give extras to kids in need for the weekends. We are very grateful for their important work now and every day.

Grocery Workers
First Responders

Community Outreach

and Clean Up

Food Drives / Homelessness

The Columbine families in the Governor's Ranch neighborhood collected enough non-perishable food items to fill four vehicles, which they delivered to the Jeffco Action Center.

We received a federal stimulus check, but don't need the money so we donated it all to

two food banks in memory of the 13 lives lost.

Columbine Poms is donating money for JeffCo Eats so that kids and families have food to

get them through this rough time.


We have identified several families in need and are collecting monetary and food donations

to help where we can.

Today I am helping Littleton Elks Lodge deliver 2 tons of food collected at the food drive

held on Saturday for Nourish Meals On Wheels.

We will be packing bags at Food For Thought.

A few friends and I decided to buy family pack snacks and make snack bags for those who can’t afford shelter or basic needs right now. In the bags we packed Gatorade, water, fruit snacks, protein bars, gum, disinfectant wipes, and Kleenex. #WeAreColumbine

We will be providing refurbished materials to formerly homeless individuals in our community who are moving into their new homes.



We fed the homeless in Portland on Easter Sunday.

Growing vegetables to feed those who don’t have food.


Serving lunch at the Denver Rescue Mission.

I will be donating money that will be used to help the homeless with supplies, food, and shelter. My church hosts a program called Family Promise, in which the homeless stay at our church for awhile, and since the church is closed I want to help make sure they have everything they need during these hard times.


Network Coffee House: bringing food to the folks without homes who find community there.

We all need a little help now and then. 

Clean Up Across the Nation

We will be doing a sunset beach clean up


Oakhurst Elementary School grounds clean up and planting (Georgia)

We will pick up trash/litter at a local park


Picking up trash in the community (Arizona)


My church is participating in “Just Serve,” and I’ll be adding an extra two hours in honor of Columbine.


Garden Cleanup

We will be building our school garden. (Leawood Elementary)

Revitalizing CHS memorial garden at KCMS & cleaning up the school grounds

Trash Pickup

Picking up trash throughout our neighborhood (Littleton)

My grandson and I are going to clean up the litter and debris in Little Dry Creek. We want to support caring for our environment and contributing to his community.

Picking up trash at a local park


My grandson and I are going to clean up the litter and debris in Little Dry Creek. We want to support caring for our environment and contributing to his community. 

I will be going around my neighborhood and parks to clean up trash. Because I moved from Colorado to California recently and my new community has made me feel incredibly welcome. Columbine demonstrated to me how essential having strong community is in your life.

Cleaning up the roads in the city.

(CO Springs)

Cleanup Deer Creek Canyon

My family and I are participating in road maintenance/service up in Deer Creek Canyon. We will be chopping trees, moving rocks, and smoothing down the road/path. It’s very fulfilling to know that I am helping the community. To know that communities come together to support a cause and grow closer is so amazing; it shows how powerful of an impact a community can have when it comes together. This is a big part of my life and this is why service is important to me.

Community Outreach

Other Acts of Kindness

and Service

We are passing out bubbles at a park and taking lunch to a firehouse.

We are also collecting toys donations for a victims services center.

Acts of Kindness to

Help Animals

We will be visiting an orangutan sanctuary and helping clean and organise their shelter and provide them with supplies and donations. (Malaysia)

I will be volunteering at a local pet food store / pet shelter near my house. I will help clean the store and help take care of the animals. (Littleton)

Transporting cats and kittens, rescued off the street, pulled from high kill shelters, removed from hoarding situations and abuse, to fosters who will love and care for them until they can be adopted into their furever homes. (California)

I am donating to the Denver Zoo. Conservation matters. Zoos matter. It's not a perfect system by any means, but zoos keep species alive and make efforts to rehabilitate animals that can be rehabilitated. As COVID keeps us inside, the environment is benefitting, but our local conservation groups, like zoos, rely on ticket sales and retail revenue to care for the animals and continue to research how to make a difference.

(former CHS teacher)

Notes of Kindness to Neighbors

and Community Members

We will write kind and uplifting notes and place them on cars throughout the community. We will ask each person to find a way to pass along the kindness to another stranger within the next 24 hours.


I will be organizing people to make motivational quotes, kind words, positive sayings, affirmations, jokes, and saying, etc. that can be sent to people's student post office boxes to brighten their day (we refer to it as SPO Love at Luther College).


My sister and I will be writing letters to relatives and neighbors to show our gratitude for the columbine community. Also we will be delivering gifts/ groceries to those who would like it.

I am calling each of the friends I made this year and checking in with them. I want to try to lift their spirits and help them persevere through this time. It's important that they feel loved by someone they haven't see face to face in a while.

This year the Columbine Track and Field team will be uniting to make angels and signs of gratitude to display in lawns and other visible places in the community.


Making notes of encouragement with candy for High School Seniors at an alternative high school in the Springs.

(Colorado Springs)

Gestures of Kindness to Senior Citizens

I will be hosting a movement of writing letters to residents in nursing homes, especially Balfour where I work, because these seniors are very confused during this time... Mail and phone calls are the only way for them to stay in contact with the outside world so I want to try my best to let them feel love.


For my act of service I wrote letters to go to nursing homes as well as thank you letters for people in the community. This allowed me to show appreciation for the workers in my local community and connect with people that aren’t able to have a connection with anyone during this time.

I will be send videos of me performing for local nursing homes


Delivered encouraging notes to assisted living community



The CHS Poms will be helping the residents with a craft and will be good company to many residents.


Other Kindness and Service
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