Columbine Day of Service

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Choose to Serve.





Stand with our community for the
6th Annual Day of Service

Twenty-three years ago, our community was shaken by an unimaginable tragedy when thirteen precious lives were lost and twenty-four people were injured at Columbine High School. In the aftermath, we leaned on one another for hope and strength and were overwhelmed with an outpouring of kindness and support from people across the world. As a result, our school and community came back stronger and more resilient.


Now, the Rebel Family gives back. We invite you to join over 1,000 Columbine students, teachers, families and community members in remembering the lives lost, reflecting on the lives forever changed, and committing to the power of service in your own community.

Governor Polis has forevermore declared that Colorado will observe a Day of Service and Recommitment on April 20th. Obviously, it's going to look and feel different this year. But just because we can't be together in person, it doesn't mean that we can't serve others and share our gratitude with the incredible people who are helping us get through this time. Check out our Resources section for ideas on hosting an at-home service project!


Whether you are a student at Columbine, an alumni of the school, or simply seeking to make a positive impact, we challenge you to make a commitment: a commitment to kindness, a commitment to community, a commitment to gratitude, a commitment to serving others.

Cassie Bernall. Steven Curnow. Corey DePooter. Kelly Fleming. Matthew Kechter. Daniel Mauser. Daniel Rohrbough. Dave Sanders. Rachel Scott. Isaiah Shoels. John Tomlin. Lauren Townsend.

Kyle Velasquez. We will never forget.

On April 20th, We are ALL Columbine.

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Get Involved!


Columbine students, teachers, families, and community members will be engaging in a statewide Day of Service by participating in virtual acts of service and gratitude throughout our community on Wednesday, April 20th.

Our Goal

is to create a global movement of service and kindness to others and to stand in solidarity with other communities around the world who have experienced tragedy. We encourage you to organize an act of service or gratitude within your own community! Engage in random acts of kindness. Write a thank-you note. Check in with a neighbor, friend, or loved one. No act is too small.


Are you planning or participating in a project in solidarity with the Columbine community this April? 


Just because we are being asked to stay at home and practice social distancing doesn't mean that we can't engage in acts of service and gratitude. You can still connect with your community, commit a random act of kindness, share a note of thanks, and stand in solidarity with our everyday heroes who are working to keep our communities safe, healthy, and well-stocked. Not only that, it is a tremendous way to commit to kindness and to your community.

Here are some of the things you can do from the comfort of your own home this year:

  • Record a video reading a storybook for students at your local elementary school

  • Contact a nursing home in your area and ask about…

    • Writing letters to residents

    • Connecting with residents over video chat

    • Performing music remotely

  • Write notes of gratitude for…

    • First responders

    • Grocery store workers

    • Doctors and nurses

    • Hospital workers

    • Mail carriers

    • Garbage collectors

    • Teachers and staff members at your school

    • Any “essential” workers

  • Host a ”front yard concert” or performance of some sort for your elderly neighbors or children in your neighborhood

  • Make a “thank you" sign and put it in your front yard or window

  • Write letters, send photos, or video chat with the students in your school's Challenge Program to check in and say hello

  • Send a "boredom buster" box (a box filled with creative activities) to kids in your neighborhood

  • Purchase a gift card from a locally-owned business to support them during closure (and use when they reopen!)

  • Send letters to students in your local middle or elementary school who won't have a chance to experience their continuation ceremonies this year

  • Put together a "front porch" food drive: ask neighbors to leave food on their front porches in a bag, drive around and pick them up, and then deliver them to a local food bank.

  • Do yard or gardening work for a neighbor

  • Write letters to your elderly neighbors, church members, or people who are living alone

  • Make a donation to a local food bank or other charitable organization serving those in need right now


Check out some of these great resources to help you coordinate an act of service in your own community or globally!

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Last year, our Day of Service generated over 60 projects, in 6 states and 10 countries with more than 1,500 total participants!!